IPLD-UNIDROIT Community: Knowledge Sharing and Dialogue Among Different Legal Cultures for Harmonisation of International Private Law

The inaugural virtual meeting of the IPLD-UNIDROIT Alumni community on 18 March focused on highlighting the importance of a global network in promoting international legal principles and discussing the profound influence that past participation in IPLD editions has had on their professional environments.

The recent virtual gathering of UNIDROIT’s International Programme for Law and Development (IPLD) Alumni community, on the 18th of March, marked a significant milestone in the programme’s journey in 2024. The work was introduced by Anna Veneziano, Deputy Secretary- General of UNIDROIT, stating: “This first meeting signifies a fresh start in fostering positive relations among the Alumni of past editions and increasing active involvement in upcoming IPLD activities, particularly in relation to UNIDROIT legal instruments.”

The establishment of a network within Africa, comprised of past participants of the programme, holds significant importance. The IPLD Alumni emphasized how facilitating ongoing, expert technical support and fostering enhanced international cooperation play a fundamental role in the harmonisation of private and commercial law, particularly in the realm of sustainable development.

The IPLD Alumni further highlighted how the phenomenon of globalisation has significantly mitigated critical aspects of different legal cultures, creating a more harmonious panorama. International organisations such as UNIDROIT and the digitisation of contract law processes certainly were instrumental in this development. The seminars presented by the UNIDROIT experts during the past editions proved extremely useful to the Alumni in guiding them through the harmonisation of sensitive topics, including financial and digital assets. Understanding the processes of formulation and implementation of regulations has become increasingly crucial in navigating these complex legal landscapes.

In conclusion, the Alumni highlighted during the virtual meeting how the IPLD-UNIDROIT has influenced their recent publications and interventions. They stated how the value of the interconnectivity of the programme presented them the opportunity to meet legal professionals from different backgrounds. Enabling them to draw upon the jurisprudence of diverse African countries benefitted their professional development.

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