During her internship at UNIDROIT in 2021, Ms Valentine Molineau wrote a report on the role of the museum in the fight against illicit trafficking of cultural property as part of the Master 2 – Cultural Heritage Law at the Jean Monnet Law School (Université Paris-Saclay). This work was defended in September 2021 – under the supervision of Laura Zani and Géraldine Goffaux-Callebaut – and was awarded the Pierre-Laurent Frier Prize in November, at the Journées juridiques du Patrimoine. UNIDROIT congratulates Valentine Molineau on this award, which bears the name of a pioneer in art law studies!

Valentine Molineau develops the international legal framework and ethical principles surrounding the practice of museums in preventing and countering illicit trafficking in cultural property, and then demonstrates that the museum is a force to be reckoned with in this fight. This work shows once again the links between UNIDROIT and the International Council of Museums (ICOM) for an enhanced protection of cultural heritage.

The internship at UNIDROIT gave Ms Molineau the opportunity to meet leading experts in this field and to participate in several international meetings, which allowed her to enrich her work. The dissertations or reports written by the interns are usually published on the UNIDROIT Academic Project website, but only the summary will be published as the prize obtained will also imply this year the publication of the dissertation by Éditions L’Harmattan.

The Pierre-Laurent Frier Prize was set up by Patrimoine-Environnement and rewards the best dissertation(s) published in the current or previous year, dealing with the environment, heritage, art…

The role of the museum in the fight against illicit trafficking in cultural property
Abstract – Master thesis


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