Luxembourg Rail Protocol Workshop held in Stockholm

On 15th May 2024, Secretary-General Ignacio Tirado participated in a workshop for industry executives and their advisers involved with the operation and financing of railway rolling stock at the Stockholm Centre of Commercial Law (SCCL) at the University of Stockholm. The workshop provided a general overview of the Protocol and then delved in to the more practical aspects of its implementation,  including the new URVIS numbering system, the UN Model Rules governing marking of rolling stock with the URVIS number, the operation of the international registry, Swedish law issues, the impact on existing financings and cross-border transactions.

The Luxembourg Rail Protocol to the Cape Town Convention entered into force in contracting states on 8th March 2024, creating new possibilities for operators, financiers, manufacturers and their respective advisers in the rail and the rail finance sectors.

Invitation RWG workshop Stockholm 2024
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