UNIDROIT is proud to announce the activation of a UNIDROIT-Bank of Italy Chair Programme, aimed at promoting the existing cooperation between UNIDROIT, the Bank of Italy and IVASS (the Italian supervisor of the insurance and reinsurance markets) by contributing to joint research, training and dissemination of matters of common interest.

Initially, the collaboration may cover, among other possible projects, matters of (i) digital assets and private law; (ii) the conception and analysis of specific  procedures, administrative or judicial, to deal with distressed financial institutions, with particular regard to the liquidation stage and with a focus on non-systemic institutions; or (iii) enforcement, which have a direct link with non-performing loans. The three topics are all part of current projects existing on the UNIDROIT 2020-2022 Work Programme, and constitute natural areas of interest for the Bank of Italy and/or IVASS.

A call for applications has been launched among senior academics and the successful candidate is expected to begin in March 2021.


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