At its 99th session, the UNIDROIT Governing Council authorised the Secretariat to organise a colloquium in 2021 to discuss and specify the potential scope of the new project developed in cooperation with FAO and IFAD on Legal Structure of Agricultural Enterprises.

The Consultation Webinar was held online on 15 and 16 April and served as a brainstorming session to inform the drafting of an annotated list of possible topics to be addressed in a prospective future instrument. The Consultation included five different sessions respectively focusing on (i) regulatory demands and new technology scenarios, (ii) contractual structures for collaboration, (iii) remedies and dispute settlement mechanisms, (iv) corporate structures for the organisation of farmers, and (v) challenges for agricultural finance.

Focusing on the legal and business aspects of agricultural enterprises, the Webinar brought together 35 speakers and over 150 registered participants from a wide diversity of backgrounds including practitioners and academics; representatives of international organisations; as well as representatives of the private sector, NGOs and think tanks.

Drawing from the conclusions of the discussion, from the Secretariat’s own research, and considering exchanges with FAO and IFAD, a document with the proposed scope of the project and a request to convene a Working Group will be presented at the 100th session of the Governing Council, in September.

-> Watch the first and second day of the Webinar

-> Agenda

-> Speaker & Moderator Bios

-> For any additional information please contact: p.andrade@unidroit.org


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