UNIDROIT participates in Conference celebrating the 30th anniversary of the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts in Hamburg

On 6-7 June 2024, the German-Greek Lawyers’ Association (DGJV), the University of Hamburg, the Chamber of Commerce of Hamburg and the Bucerius Law School, in cooperation with UNIDROIT, the Union International des Avocats (UIA) and the Inter-Pacific Bar Association, joined forces in a conference to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the DGJV, entitled “Unifying the Commercial World – 30th Birthday of the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts”. The first day of the event, hosted by the Bucerius Law School, focused on the UNIDROIT Principles in Arbitration and featured a series of contributions to provide an overview of the Principles, including Professor Dr. Christiana Fountoulakis, Professor Dr. Antje Baumann, and Dean Professor Petra Butler, followed by a panel discussion moderated by Ms Johanna Wirth and with participation of  Professor Dr. Ziya Akinci, Stefanie Efstathiou, Johan Saidi Nyanje LL.M., and Prof. Dr Gerhard Wegen on the options for arbitrators and counsels offered under the UNIDROIT Principles, for which Professor Dr Eckhart Brödermann provided the conclusions. The panel was followed by a presentation delivered by UNIDROIT Deputy Secretary-General Professor Dr. Anna Veneziano, who illustrated the UNIDROIT perspective on the use of the UNIDROIT Principles in Arbitration, and closing remarks delivered by Professor Dr. Stefan Kröll of Bucerius Law School.

Day 2 of the Conference, dedicated to the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the DGJV, focused on the UNIDROIT Principles as Substantive Principles and Rule of Law. After the opening, which featured words of welcome from the co-hosts and organisers, including the DGJV, the Chamber of Commerce of Hamburg, the City of Hamburg, the Hanseatic Appellate Court, and the Consulate of the Hellenic Republic in Hamburg, and a panel on the “Special German-Greek Relationship” moderated by Professor Dr H.c. Jorn Axel Kammerer and featuring eminent members of the Association, UNIDROIT Deputy Secretary-General Professor Anna Veneziano opened the programme on the UPICC with remarks on the 30th Anniversary of the Principles. The introduction was followed by an Overview of the Essentials and Trends provided by Professor Dr. Eckhart Brödermann, and a panel on the UPICC in Daily Contract Practice moderated by Dean Professor Petra Butler with contributions from Florian Bauer, Justice Muhammed Farrukh Irfan Khan, Dawid Kowalkowski, Julija Schadrina, and Dr Michal Roszak. The afternoon was dedicated to 17 roundtable discussions, which addressed (1) Good Faith and Fair Dealing, (2) Formation of Contract, (3) Authority of Agents, (4) Impossibility, Grounds for Avoidance and Validity, (5) Mandatory Law and Illegality, (6) Interpretation, (7) Content of Contracts, (8) Third Party Rights, (9) Performance, (10)Force Majeure and Hardship, (11) Non-Performance, Exemption Clauses, (12) Right to Performance of monetary and non-monetary obligations, repair and replacement, (13) Termination, Restitution, (14) Set-off, (15) Assignment, (16) Limitation Periods, and (17) Plurality of Obligors and Obligees. Dean Petra Butler moderated the final discussions.

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