Bank Insolvency – 6th Working Group session held in Rome

Between 4 to 6 March 2024, the Working Group on Bank Insolvency met for its sixth session at the seat of UNIDROIT in Rome and online via Zoom. The meeting was attended by 15 individual experts and over 60 representatives of the Working Group’s institutional observers, which include international and regional organisations, and banking supervisors, deposit insurers, and bank resolution authorities from all over the world.

The main object of discussion during the sixth session was the draft Legislative Guide on Bank Liquidation that had been updated and further developed by the Drafting Committee following the Working Group’s fifth session in October 2023. The Working Group also discussed written comments that Working Group participants had submitted to the Secretariat prior to the sixth session in the context of a consultation of the draft Guide within the Working Group. The Drafting Committee met between 6-7 March 2024 to address the main feedback received during the sixth Working Group session.

As a next step, the draft Legislative Guide will be submitted to UNIDROIT’s Governing Council for consideration during its 103rd session in May 2024, with the proposal to start a targeted consultation mid-2024.

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