Cape Town Convention Academic Project

Oxford University and the University of Washington have commenced a joint Cape Town Convention Academic Project, to facilitate the academic study and assessment of the Cape Town Convention with a view towards enhancing the understanding and effective implementation of the treaty and advancing its aims. The Aviation Working Group is the founding sponsor for the project. The activities proposed for the project include electronic access to a digitalised and searchable database of comprehensive documents and materials, a journal, conferences, teaching materials, and law and economic assessment, as they relate to the Cape Town Convention (including all protocols). Two elements (the database, and the journal) are being undertaken under the joint auspices of UNIDROIT and the Project.


The Cape Town Convention Academic Project invites applications for a scholarship for doctoral study in the Law Faculty at the University of Oxford. The scholarship has been established to fund research leading to the successful completion and publication of a doctoral thesis on the history of the 2001 Cape Town Convention on international interests in mobile equipment and its associated Protocols. The successful candidate will be supervised by Professor Sir Roy Goode and Professor Louise Gullifer. The scholarship will provide funding of up to £25,000 per year to cover fees and as a contribution to living expenses. It is not tenable with any other Oxford scholarship. Application for the scholarship can be made on the graduate application form. Further particulars can be found here

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