Declarations deposited under the Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment relating to Article 60(1)



The Government of Canada declares, in accordance with Article 60 of the Convention, that the Convention will apply to a pre-existing right or interest governed by Sections 426 to 436 of the Bank Act for the purpose of determining priority, including the protection of any existing priority, five years after the day on which the Aircraft Protocol comes into force for Canada. Until that time, that right or interest will remain governed by those Sections.



The Republic of Ghana declares that the Convention will become applicable to a pre-existing right or interest for the purpose of the determining priority, including the protection of any existing priority, on 1st December, 2014, but only subject to the provisions of the Ghana Civil Aviation Act, 2004, Act 678.



In accordance with Article 60 paragraph 1, the Convention will not be applicable to the pre-existing rights or interests as defined in Article 1 subparagraph v) of the Convention, constituted prior to the date of the entrance into force for the United Mexican States of this international instrument, consistent with its national law. Those rights and interests will retain the priority they enjoyed under Mexican law prior to that date.



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