On 5 September 2018, the Secretary-General delivered a keynote speech during the first day of the conference “Society, Law, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics” in Prague (the SOLAIR Conference, 5-6 September). The conference was mainly focussed on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its legal implications across different fields. The interventions included a discussion on possible future cooperation between UNCITRAL and UNIDROIT on a subject matter which may be part of UNIDROIT´s future work programme, as outlined in the Proposal submitted by the Czech Republic on artificial intelligence and discussed during the 97th  session of the UNIDROIT Governing Council. UNIDROIT´s work was first presented by Professor Monika Paukernová, member of the UNIDROIT Governing Council. In a joint panel, Anna Joubin-Bret (UNCITRAL´s Secretary) and Professor Ignacio Tirado presented the work that had done been done by the sister institutions to date, and reflected upon what could be done in the future. The talk was well received by those attending, government officials and members of the industry alike, who expressed their support for the commencement of work on the subject and participated in the debate, during and after the panel.


-> Conference Programme

-> Proposal of the Czech Republic on AI

-> Presentations to be published soon

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