On 25 November 2014, the Secretary-General participated in a Seminar entitled “Unity of National Laws in the view of 1388 as a year of Renewal – UNIDROIT – Background of the Institute and the ways for mutual collaboration” organised by the University of Tehran with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Dr. F. Mousavi, the Dean of the Law School of the University of Tehran, opened the seminar and delivered the welcome address, which was followed by an introduction to UNIDROIT and its work by Prof. Laya Joneidi of the University of Tehran. The Secretary-General delivered a lecture on the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts, their purposes, contents and practical use.

Dr. Behrooz Akhlaghi, a member of the Working Group that prepared the UNIDROIT Principles, and Dr. Quassem Zamani, who also contributed to the Persian translation, introduced the publication to the audience. Dr. Majid Poorostad, whom UNIDROIT had tasked with the Persian translation of the ALI/UNIDROIT Principles of Transnational Civil Procedure, in turn, introduced this publication to the public. Prof. Said Habibia delivered the closing remarks.

While in Iran, the Secretary-General was also received by H. E. Dr. Masoud Soltanifar, Vice-President and head of Iranˈs Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) and by H. E. Dr. Elham Amin Zadeh, Vice-President of Legal Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, with whom he discussed aspects of the work of UNIDROIT of particular interest for the country. The Secretary-General, in addition, visited the University of Tehran and University of Judicial and Administrative Sciences in Tehran, and the University of Isfahan.

For more information about the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts and the ALI/Unidroit Principles of Transnational Civil Procedure, see and respectively.


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