The UNIDROIT Principles on International Commercial Contracts (UPICC) were featured in a panel of a Symposium on Salient Issues in Arbtration that took place on 10-11 November in Washington DC. The Symposium, co-hosted by the University of Washington and the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law, and co-sponsored by UNIDROIT. UNIDROIT Secretary General Ignacio Tirado participated in the opening remarks with Horacio A. Grigera Naón, (Director, Center on International Commercial Arbitration),  Krista Nadakavukaren Schefer (Co-Director, Swiss Institute of Comparative Law), and Christophe Bernasconi (Secretary General of the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH).

Secretary-General Tirado chaired the first panel on the Application of the UPICC with Panelists Professor Michael Joachim Bonell  and Dr.  Eleonora Finazzi Agrò, Björn Arp (Fellow, Center on International Commercial Arbitration), and Sebastien Manciaux (Maître de conférences  at the University of Bourgogne).

The following panels were focussed on  Transnational Legal Order and International Commercial Arbitration, chaired by Jane Willems (Associate Professor, Tsinghua University), Transnational Legal Order and Investment Arbitration, chaired by Rodrigo Polanco Lazo, (Conseiller Juridique, Institut Suisse de Droit Comparé, Lausanne),  and Transnationalism in Action: Preventing Disputes, Allegations of Corruption and International Arbitration, chaired by Krista Nadakavukaren Schefer (Co-Director, Swiss Institute of Comparative Law).

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