UNIDROIT participates in the sixth Secured Transactions Coordination Conference in Washington DC

Between 16 and 17 January 2024, UNIDROIT participated in the annual Conference on International Coordination of Secured Transactions Reform, hosted by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) at their Headquarters in Washington DC. Focusing on “Coordinating new instruments with the existing international framework and enhancing regional reforms”, the 6th Coordination Conference brought together intergovernmental organisations, international finance institutions, regulatory agencies, private sector associations and international experts to improve coordination in the development and implementation of secured transactions reform. During the two-day conference, over 100 participants attended the meeting, either in-person or remotely.


The conference featured several presentations from UNIDROIT staff and experts. UNIDROIT Secretary-General Ignacio Tirado presented UNIDROIT’s current work in the area of access to credit during the first panel, and was a panellist during the final session regarding future initiatives to improve coordination. Deputy-Secretary General Anna Veneziano moderated the second panel on coordinating new instruments in the context of the existing international framework, while Senior Legal Officer William Brydie-Watson presented the recently adopted UNIDROIT Model Law on Factoring. The Conference also discussed other UNIDROIT projects, including the UNCITRAL/UNIDROIT Model Law on Warehouse Receipts, the 2023 UNIDROIT Principles on Digital Assets and Private Law, as well as UNIDROIT’s work in the field of agricultural development and secured finance.



The Coordination Conference is an initiative of the “The Joint Network for Coordinating and Supporting Secured Transactions Reforms”, which was established on 3 December 2021 to coordinate the activities of participating organizations in providing technical assistance and capacity building to States and organizations in secured transactions and related reforms. UNIDROIT is a member of the Joint Network Executive Committee, alongside UNCITRAL, the IFC, HCCH, OAS, ILI and the Kozolchyk National Law Center.


The agenda of the conference is available here: Sixth-Conference-on-International-Coordination-of-Secured-Transactions-Reform-Jan-15-Final.pdf

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