UNIDROIT’s focus is on Africa – interview with Ignacio Tirado

UNIDROIT is soon to celebrate 100 years anniversary. During its 2nd edition of the International Programme for Law and Development (IPLD) UNIDROIT’s focus is on Africa.

In this interview, by “DIRE” (https://www.dire.it/) Secretary-General Ignacio Tirado, explains why.

UNIDROIT is proud that its 65 Member States cover over 74% of the world population and more than 90% of the world’s GDP, notwithstanding this large membership and global approach of the organisation, Africa remains a part of the world with the fewest Member States of UNIDROIT; currently only four: South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, and Tunisia. “Africa is a large continent and we would really like to increase our presence in Africa” says the Secretary-General, “for UNIDROIT it is strategic to become more African than it already is, formally I mean, as informally UNIDROIT has always given special attention to Africa when drafting instruments, for example “Legal Guide on Agricultural development” and we promote access to credit for small entrepreneurs, keeping in mind the African economy, which has a great potential”.

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