Working Group on Best Practices for Effective Enforcement Holds its Third Meeting

On 29-30 November and 1 December 2021, the Working Group on Best Practices for Effective Enforcement, chaired by Governing Council member Kathryn Sabo, met at UNIDROIT’s Headquarters in Rome and via Zoom to discuss the outcome of the intersessional work undertaken by its members and observers since the second session that had been held in April 2021.


After a general presentation on the progress of the project, the Working Group addressed issues of enforcement of monetary claims by third party debt orders including tentative best practices regarding to the impact of automation. It then discussed charging orders on land and some aspects of complex enforcement relating to special types of assets. In relation to enforcement of security rights, the Working Group considered draft best practices on security rights over receivables, disposition of collateral and variation by parties of the rules regarding realisation of the collateral. The report of the third session will be available online in due course, with the fourth session tentatively planned for early spring 2022.


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