XXI IACL Congress: UNIDROIT and Banco Central de Paraguay sign MoU at Joint Finance Workshop

The first UNIDROIT session organised within the XXI IACL General Congress, entitled “Financial Systems”, was held on the 25th of October 2022 and featured the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding between UNIDROIT and the Central Bank of Paraguay.

Opening statements from the President of the Central Bank of Paraguay Mr José Cantero and President Maria Chiara Malaguti were delivered following the signature, and Secretary-General Ignacio Tirado then presented an overview of UNIDROIT’s activities and the Cape Town Convention System. This was followed by a panel on the Model law on factoring, featuring Alejandro Garro (Columbia University) and Marco A. González Maldonado (Central Bank of Paraguay), a panel on Capital Markets Law featuring Fernando Filártiga (Central Bank of Paraguay), a panel on Digital Assets & Voluntary carbon credits featuring Matthias Lehmann (University of Vienna) and the Secretary-General, and a panel on Bank Insolvency with Matthias Lehmann and Irene Escribá Sakoda (Central Bank of Paraguay).

The workshop elicited interesting discussions on the relevance of UNIDROIT instruments and projects in the context of ongoing reforms in Paraguay.

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