Seventh session of the UNIDROIT Working Group on Best Practices for Effective Enforcement

On 29-30 November and 1 December 2023, Members and Observers of the Working Group on Best Practices for Effective Enforcement met at the seat of UNIDROIT in Rome and via videoconference to continue their work on draft best practices to render enforcement of creditors’ rights more effective.

In this session, the Working Group focused on a number of sections of the future instrument already at an advanced stage of development, such as the chapters on enforceable instruments, information regarding the debtor’s assets, registers, several sections on the part on enforcement of security rights, and enforcement over digital assets. It also considered new revised drafts and discussed the way forward for the finalisation of the instrument by the Working Group and the Drafting Committee. Furthermore, the session was enriched by a presentation by Ms Veronica Bradautanu, Principal Counsel of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)’s Legal Transition Team, who illustrated the EBRD’s ongoing projects in the area of enforcement, providing interesting insights and data.

The Drafting Committee of the project held its meetings around the Working Group session, on 27 and 28 November and on the afternoon of 1 December 2023.

The eighth session of the Working Group is scheduled for 15-17 April 2024, with an intense plan for intersessional work ahead of the session.

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